Dear Customers and Friends,
We wanted to let you know Wizard, our Labrador Retriever, peacefully passed away recently. Wizard has gone to a wonderful place called Rainbow Bridge. It’s just this side of heaven, where all family pets go to play, while they wait for their owners to join them, before crossing over together.

Wizard was our family pet, our store greeter, and a wonderful companion, Thank you for your loving pats, special treats, ear scratches and tummy rubs, as he joyfully went about his job of greeting customers, helping bored children calm down, helping restless husbands wait for their wives to shop, and soothing weary travelers who welcomed his enthusiastic tail wags.

We were fortunate to have had Wizard in our lives, and miss him every day. Thank you for the support and love you have shown him over the years.

The Curtis Family
and Treasured Memories Staff