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Just Arrived! – Baked Texture Embossing Powder

Baked Texture is the artist version of Embossing Powders. And are the result of  an amazing collaboration between Emerald Creek and Seth Apter.

These powders have amazing textures and designs that can be glued on or melted for something truly unique and inspirational.

Colours ranging from reds, oranges, and browns, you are going to love these!

  • Chunky Rust
  • Ancient Amber
  • Deep Sea
  • Dirty Sand
  • Patina Oxide
  • Rocky Road
  • Vintage Beeswax

You must see it up close and in person to truly appreciate it. Come in and see the sample that Seth made at the 2018 Creativation Show!

Also, check out Seth’s video below.

We also have the original Allure Embossing Powders.

  • Burnt Copper
  • Charred Gold
  • Hammered Metal
  • Fractured Ice

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