Product Announcements

Just Arrived… 7Gypsies: Architextures™ Collection

Inspired by vintage finds, salvage yard discoveries and objects we love, the gypsies are bringing vintage crafts to the forefront of the creative market once again.

Books and Ledgers

The gypsies traveled the globe in search of the best ledgers, books, journals, book covers, papers and albums to create a wonderful vintage collection of books filled with pages to be filled with photos, art, journal entries, travel memories, paint, notes, sketches and so much more.

Junque Packs

The Junque packs are a collection of salvage art pieces bundled together in the perfect little set.  Each piece not only looks like the real thing, but the pieces are flexible, textured and adhesive.

Parchment Rub-Ons

A Rub-On pack includes a single sheet of 16″ x 24″ parchment paper that is filled with over 150 different pieces of art in a wide range of shapes and sizes and includes words, sayings and icons.


This cool line of 9 vintage market inspired papers (double-sided) filled with wonderful found pieces, inspiring art, clever sayings and just fun things you will want to craft with.