Product Announcements

7 Gypsies Rub-ons Are Back!

For those of you who want more styles or those of you that missed out completely on the last order…

you’re in luck…they’re back! And you’ll love them!

A Rub-On pack includes a single sheet of 16″x 24″ parchment paper that is filled with over 150 different pieces of art in a wide range of shapes and sizes and includes words, sayings and icons.  The art is all vintage in design with a look of engraving and hand-drawn art of the past.  The art is printed with a special pressure sensitive ink that makes it easy to release with a flat object.  The special ink works best on paper, canvas and surfaces with a bit of texture, but quite flat.  This allows the detail of each piece to be applied to the surface.  Wide weave items like burlap don’t work as well as there is no place for the art to adhere to.

  • Apply them to paper or canvas with a flat object
  • Use smooth, deep pressure to rub them on
  • Cut the pieces up and store them or re-fold the sheet and store in polybag
  • sheet can also be used as a decoupage paper and applied onto a wide range of surfaces.